Our Wild and Wacky “BAGM Redneck Regatta” Homemade boat race is on Saturday at 3:00 pm. Get creative with duct tape, glue, cardboard and spray paint…and design a trophy-winning cardboard cruiser…that hopefully floats!

The race is on for the TROPHY BELTS! If your time is the fastest you and your co-captain will win the Grand Prize - Championship Belts. Strap it on... just like Aaron Rodgers!

Registration starts at 2:00 pm and race starts at 3:00 pm.

Other prizes will also be awarded for wild and wacky categories!

Official Rules
1. Allowable building materials include cardboard (including “sonotubes”), wood glue, duct tape or packing tape and spray paint. Nothing else!
2. If any other materials are used boats may (or may not) still be allowed to participate at the judges’ discretion. However, the judges may REMOVE any portion or portions of the boat deemed illegal. If that means you have a huge hole in your boat, and it sinks… too bad.
3. Teams will consist of 2 members. Both must be over the age of 18. Both members of the team must be INSIDE the boat for the duration of the Regatta.
4. Both team members must provide and WEAR personal floatation devices (pfd’s) for the duration of the competition.
5. Each team member may use one standard commercial (store bought) oar or paddle for propelling the vessel. These may be made of any material. No form of “powered” propulsion will be allowed. The vessel must be human powered.
6. Prizes , including “ Championship Belts” and other prizes will be awarded for fastest completion of the race course, one overall award for best design/theme, and one overall “Titanic” award for the most dramatic sinking.
7. This year’s course will be more challenging and longer than it was last year, make sure your vessel is up to the challenge!
8. All judges decisions on inspections, determining race winners and design/sinking awards are final and at the sole discretion of those judges.

The Redneck Regatta is sponsored by Bay Area Granite and Marble

Please Download and bring completed Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement in order to Participate!