Parking is allowed in many locations throughout East De Pere on the surrounding residential streets. Please watch all local signage, and remember to be respectful of the residents as you traverse through their neighborhoods relating to noise and trash.

There is no specific designated motorcycle parking provided near the festival.

Limited Handicapped parking on a first come, first serve basis in designated Handicapped spaces located throughout East De Pere parking lots. There is no handicapped parking at the festival grounds.

Shopko's (East De Pere) parking lot is for the patrons of Shopko only.

Please patronize some of the local business lots that are being run by local non-profit groups. There are several located close to the festival grounds.

Please remember that from 10pm Wednesday evening through 5pm Tuesday, Voyager Park is closed to the public for safety reasons. This includes all access to the river for fishing and the childrens play area in the park or any other activities. The Park will reopen by 5pm on Tuesday after the event.

Also traffic on Cass Street and Williams Street (West of Broadway) and Front Street (North of James Street) will be 100% closed. Please make any necessary arrangements during this time.

Also there will not be boat parking allowed at the docks during the hours of 6 am to 12pm on Sunday May 29th. This is to help make space for the Children's fishing tournament. Please plan accordingly.