The Celebrate De Pere Team
Celebrate De Pere is organized and overseen by a non profit organiztion called The Celebrate Committee Inc. (TCCI).  Throughout the year, volunteers put in thousands of hours to make TCCI and Celebrate De Pere a success.  The community is a better place because of the time, talent and treasures, of these amazing volunteers.

2022-2023 Board of Directors

President: Carl Castelic 
Vice President: Brandon Beard
Treasurer: Ryan Casper
Secretary: Dean Quakkelaar

At Large Board Member:  Andrew Willems
At Large Board Member:  Michael Gemignani
At Large Board Member:  Bob Tease
At Large Board Member: Chris Gorst

The Extremely Hard Working, All Volunteer Committee
All Volunteer Committee listed below are responsible for making Celebrate De Pere actually happen each year!
Bob Tease
Gerard Ambrosius
Stanley Kroll
Scott Jacobe
Nick Karnitz
Greg Gorst
Amy Keehan
Doug Bergman

We are also lucky enough to have numerous volunteers that help is all kinds of ways at many points throughout the year. To everyone a big THANK YOU!!!