What time do the gates open?
  Event Hours are…
   Saturday 11am to 11pm
Sunday 11am to 11pm
Monday 11am to 4pm
 Do I need a ticket for Celebrate De Pere? 
  Yes, everyone coming to the event, must have a ticket to enter the grounds.
 How can I buy tickets?
  Tickets are available at the gate. 
 What are the ticket prices?
  This year all tickets will be $5. Children 6 and under are free. 
 Is this event all-ages?
  Yes, all ages are welcome at Celebrate De Pere.  There are activities for all ages.  Alcohol  is available at most food booths.  Any minors found to be in possession of alcohol will be asked to leave immediately.  Any minors found to be consuming alcohol will be ticketed for underage drinking.
 What if the weather is unfavorable? 
  Celebrate De Pere is an outdoor festival, therefore abides by standard outdoor festival protocol.  We operate rain or shine, therefore no refunds will be given.  Severe weather may cause the delay, re-schedule, or cancelation of an act.  Every effort will be made to accommodate all guest, but an act of god voids any and all promises made.
 What are the cost of the rides?
  The carnival midway rides, are operated by a completely independent company, so Celebrate De Pere does not have control over ride prices.  The carnival area rides prices will be posted at the Carnival ticket booth. 
 If I need to leave and come back, can I do that?
  Yes, if desired, you can get a hand stamp on the way out of the grounds to return at a later time on the same day. 
 Are Political or Religious Solicitations allowed on the grounds? 
  Political and Religious Solicitations are not allowed on all grounds that are under the control of Celebrate De Pere during this weekend event. This includes Voyager Park, the Riverwalk area, Front Street to James Street, Cass Street and Willams Street west of Broadway St. Outside that area solicitations are subject to the rules of the City of De Pere and Brown County. 
Food & Beverage
 Are there beverages and food available for sale?
  Yes, Celebrate De Pere features several non profit food and beverage booths serving all your favorite hamburgers, hotdogs, brats, booyah, and more.  We also feature the classic Coca Cola products and all your favorite beers. 
 How do I purchase food and beverages?
  NEW THIS YEAR,!!! All booths now can take credit card along with cash. ATM’s are still available throughout the grounds.  Feel free to visit one of or nonprofit food booths and be a part of helping the community.
 What if I don’t drink beer, are there other choices?
  If you are not a beer drinker, we have several options for you.  Each of our nonprofit food booths offers an array of Coca Cola products. There will also be a variety of non-beer options including seltzers and other canned drinks. 
 Can I carry my drink around with me? 
  Drinks can be carried anywhere on the grounds, but may NOT be carried outside of the fenced in area.  In accordance with De Pere Municipal Code Sec 7-9 (a) No person shall consume any intoxicating liquor or fermented malt beverage while in or upon any street, alley, sidewalk, thoroughfare, parking lot or other public way.
 Where do I park?
  Parking is available in several downtown locations. Please be respectful of property owners and posted no parking areas. Some nearby lots are manned by local charities and offer parking for a fee. They are not associated directly with the event. 
Credit Cards/ATM
 Can I use my credit card on site?
  Celebrate De Pere will be equipped to take credit cards in 2022. Credit cards can be used for purchases at the main gate and at the Non-Profit tents in the bowl. We will not be able to give cash advances off of credit cards.  To help with this situation, we have placed ATM’s throughout the grounds to aid in your enjoyment.
 Is there an ATM at the festival?
  ATM’s are conveniently placed throughout the grounds.
 What can I bring into the event?
  We encourage you to being your lawn chair during the day to enjoy the plethora of musical entertainment, although in the evening as the crowd increases, it may get difficult to maintain your spot.
Aside from lawn chairs and blankets - carry-ins are very limited. 
All bags, and other carry-ins are subject to inspection

Rules for infants:

Baby strollers and diaper bags are welcome if you have an infant/baby.

We ask that you please do not bring in wagons. Water, juice and baby snacks are allowed. No other food or beverage is allowed. The Front Gate personnel will make a determination on any other items that are not baby related. These items will not be allowed in the park. 

There are certain items that are not permitted. Currently, these items include, but are not limited to: 
Large bags 
Other carry-ins 
Outside food 
Cans or glass bottles 
Video equipment 
Recording devices 
Laser pointers 
Inline skates 
Coaster wagons 
Picnic baskets 
Weapons of any kind 
Drones of any size 

Possession of any firearms is strictly prohibited in the park during Celebrate De Pere. 

Persons entering the facility may be subjected to search for contraband, cameras, video equipment and recording devices, which are expressly forbidden on the facility premises and are subject to confiscation. 
 Can I bring my own cooler?
  No, coolers are not allowed on the grounds, no exceptions.
 Can I bring my pet?
  No pets are not allowed on the grounds.  Exceptions will be granted for a MARKED service animals.
 Can I bring in a lawn chair?
  Yes, lawn chairs are allowed on the Celebrate De Pere grounds.  Although they will be required to remain about 100 feet off the front of the stage in the later afternoon.  This is to keep them back away from the largest density of crowd so as to prevent the chair from becoming a weapon.
 Can I bring an umbrella?
  Personal umbrellas are welcome on the grounds.  Table umbrellas are not allowed.  All umbrellas must be kept close to your body and you are responsible for preventing any injuries as a result of your umbrella.  Any complaints about your umbrella will result in you being asked to bring it back to your vehicle.
 Can I brink a backpack?
  No, backpacks are not allowed on the Celebrate De Pere grounds.  Any backpack left unaccompanied in the parking lot, will be disposed of immediately.  Small purses are allowed on the grounds, but larger purses (based on securities discretion) are not allowed on the grounds. Please limit the purse size to 8in x 8in. 
 Do you ever give refunds? 
  No, there are absolutely no refunds. Admission tickets are valid for one day only. Not for resale. The facility reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person violating the facility, local, state, or federal laws or whose conduct is deemed illegal, disorderly, or offensive by management. 
Entertainment & Activities
 Is all of the entertainment included in the ticket price?
  Yes, all entertainment stages, activities are included in the ticket prices.  
 Are there activities for children?
  We do have a Children’s Area, featuring local kids entertainment, and other fun.  The Children’s Area is located west of the Marketplace Area and is open till 8pm Saturday & Sunday, and till 4pm Monday.
 How do I volunteer for the festival?
  We are always looking for volunteers to help run the day to day operations.  From Children’s Area attendants to stage security, we have a lot of positions we need help with.  For more information about volunteering please call our main phone number so we can have you volunteer next year. 
 Do you have accessible bathrooms?
  We have porta potties located throughout the event including handicap accessible stalls.  The grounds also feature a handicap accessible restroom building located in the center of the park.
 I want to put the festival address in my gps, do you have that?
  The festival is located at Voyager Park in De Pere. 
 Can I enter at either gate? 
  Yes, both the Cass Street Gate and the Main Gate will allow access to the grounds. Although credit cards can only be taken at the Main Gate. Reentry Stamps are available at either gate. 
 Where should I stay?
  Country Inn & Suites by Radison 245 Allied St, Green Bay, WI 54304 (920)336-6600
Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham 3031 Allied St, Green Bay, WI 54304 (920)338-9000
Motel 6 Green Bay – Lambeau 2870 Ramada Way,  Green Bay, WI 54304 (920)499-3599
Kress Inn 300 Grant St, De Pere, (920) 403-5100 
Sleep Inn and Suites Hwy 41 and Schuering Rd, De Pere, (920) 338-8800 
Radisson Hotel 2040 Airport Dr, Green Bay, (920) 494-7300 
Sambamba Alpaca Ranch & Bed and Breakfast 2338 Hickory Rd. De Pere (920) 371-0003 
Chateau De Pere 201 James St. De Pere (920) 347-0007 
Hyatt on Main 333 Main Street Green Bay WI (920) 432-1234
 How do I become a sponsor for Celebrate De Pere?
  Celebrate De Pere has sponsorship packages for all kinds of budgets.  Being a nonprofit organization, means your sponsorship dollars are tax deductible as a charitable contribution.  For more information on sponsorships with Celebrate De Pere, email us at info@celebratedepere.com.
 How do I become a vendor for Celebrate De Pere?
  Vendors are selected prior to the beginning of May.  All vendors must submit a vendor application available here.
 How do I request a donation from Celebrate De Pere? 
  Donations are accepted.  Checks can be sent to our mailing address 905 George Street #138, De Pere, WI 54115.  Credit card donations can be processed here.
 Are there any campgrounds in the area?
  Apple Creek Family Campground 3831 County Rd U, De Pere, (920) 532-0132
Persons entering the facility may be subjected to search for contraband, cameras, video equipment and recording devices, which are expressly forbidden on the facility premises and are subject to confiscation. 

Notice: Entrance to the festival grounds is at your own risk. The Celebrate Committee, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation, is immune from liability for injuries to persons or property on the festival grounds pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 895.52. 

Patrons entering the facility are subject to potentially have their image and/or likeness reproduced for promotional and/or publicity purposes in festival photography and/or web casts by festival, contractor or partner of the festival. All will become the property of The Celebrate Committee, Inc. 
 NOTE: Event Vendors- Please use Treasurer@celebratedepere.com for invoicing. 

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