Celebrate De Pere 2021

March 15, 2021

Celebrate De Pere Press Release – March 12, 2021

After over a year of many uncertainties in our daily lives surrounding school, events and so many other aspects of what we had come to realize as our normal day to day lives, our nation is looking to the administration of the Covid vaccine and many new health practices in hopes of returning a new normal in our daily lives.

As the country and its people proceed down the path of returning to that new normal, that return to normalcy now appears as the light at the end of the tunnel we are all traveling down. Unfortunately, our community, state and nation have still not arrived at that destination and so the journey is not complete nor has our goal of being able to ensure the safety of all our attendees so that the community can re-embrace Celebrate DePere as the official festival kickoff to summer as it has done for almost three decades.

The Board of Directors of Celebrate DePere with sadness, but yet with a new hope for 2022 is informing the public that Celebrate De Pere 2021 has been canceled for the Memorial Day weekend due to current concerns for the health, safety, and welfare of all. Although the team of dedicated volunteers, committee members and directors of Celebrate De Pere have been hopeful for the events return, we are now again faced with the realization that we cannot achieve our primary mission for Celebrate DePere 2021.

Please remember that the true meaning of Memorial Day is to honor all our veterans, past and present, who have served to make this great nation what it is today: The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

God Bless America.