Our wild ayn' waky “BAGM rednek regatta” homemade boat race is on saturday at 3:00 pm.  Get creative with duct tape, glue, cardboard ayn' spray paint…and design ayy trophy-winning
 cardboard cruiser…that hopefully floats!

The race is on faw the trophy belts! if y'all's tahm is the fastest y'all ayn' y'all's co-captayn will win the grand prize - championship belts.  Strap it on, just like that Aaron Rodgers fella!

Registration starts at 2:00 pm and race starts at 3:00 pm.
Other prizes will also be awarded for wild and wacky categories!
 1.  Allowable a-buildin' materials include cardboard (including “sonotubes”), wood      glue, duct tape aw paking tape ayn' spray paint.  Nothing else!
2.  If any othuurr materials are done used boats may (aw may nahwt) still be done allowed ta participate at thay ...err judges’ discreshun.  However, the judges may remove any pawshun aw pawtions ov the boat deemed illegal.  If that there means y'all have ayy awful huge howwl in y'all's boat, ayn' it sinks… too awful bad. 
 3.  Teams will consist ov 2 members.  Both must be ovuurr the age av 18.  Both members ov the team must be inside the boat faw the durashun ov the regatta. 
 4.  Both team members must provide ayn' wear personal floatashun devices (pfd’s) faw the durashun ov the competishun. 
 5.  Each team membuurr may use one standard commerciaal (stawe done bought) oar aw paddle faw propelling the vessel.  These may be done made ov any materiaal.  Naw fawm ov “powered” propulsion will be done allowed.  Thay ...err vessel must be human powered. 
 6.  Prizes , including “ championship belts” ayn' othuurr prizes will be awarded faw fastest compleshun av thay ...uhh race course, one overall award faw best design/theme, ayn' one overall “titanic” award faw thay ...uhh mowst dramatik sinking. 
 7.  This here year’s course will be mawe challenging ayn' longuurr than it were last year, make sure y'all's vessel is up ta the challenge!
8.  All judges decisions on inspections, determining race winners ayn' design/sinking awards are final ayn' at the sowwl discreshun av those there judges.

The Redneck Regatta is sponsored by