Main Stage
12:00pm to 1:30pmJay Stulo Band
Jay Stulo has been playing, fronting, and leading blues bands since the late 1980’s. He has toured the nation several times and released 5 CD's. Jay hit the road early with blues legend Luther Allison, then later with James Solberg. Influenced by multiple genres, Jay is not a traditional blues artist by any means, and this is not your grandfather’s blues - versatile, high energy guitar pyrotechnics, rock-tinged hooks, and gut-bucket vocals make for a show to remember.

2:15pm to 3:45pmNobody Famous
Soul.  Rhythm and Blues.  The words conjure romantic images of sweat dripping dancers swaying slowly to infectious Motown grooves, Staxx and Chess chart toppers oozing from the band stand with a harmonic intensity so real it broke your heart.  Tender ballads peppered with generous portions of Hammond organ and scorched barn burners precisely punctuated by a ruthless horn section, these were the songs to have you on your feet before the singer even started.  The times have changed and music has moved on, but the feeling of all this remains.  This is an eight piece band that promises that feeling will sustain.  

4:30pm to 6:00pmRoad Trip
Road Trip is a six piece rock and roll band based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They have developed a huge regional following by mastering the two key elements of rock and roll: diversity and energy. Road Trip's musical diversity is made evident by their extensive song list. Their cover songs encompass music from the birth of rock and roll in the fifties right up to the best music of today.
6:45pm to 8:45pmSeparate Ways
Separate Ways is a 6-piece Tribute to one of the 80′s most influential bands – JOURNEY! Formed in 2005 at the request of numerous agents throughout Wisconsin, “SEPARATE WAYS” has quickly become one of the most respected tribute bands in the market, winning the coveted 2012 WAMI award for the best tribute band in Wisconsin.

Built around an arsenal of multiple WAMI award winning musicians, “SEPARATE WAYS” incorporates forceful vocals with dynamic players, who together recreate the JOURNEY sound that we all love.
Midway Stage
12:00pm to 3:00pmConscious Pilot
Have you ever heard a band that has a distinct, unique sound that when you hear it you just know who it is? Isn’t that a killer feeling to experience? How does that happen? Great players, maybe. Hard work, most likely. Passion for music, absolutely. Conscious Pilot is just such a band. The players come from Wisconsin’s elite ensembles that include: The Groove Hogs, Separate Ways and Short Stuff (2017 WAMI Hall of Fame inductee). A fresh and powerful sound that is familiar and fun. Conscious Pilot, a vibe to make you shake, rattle and roll.

3:45pm to 6:45pmDani Maus
One of my first memories of performing is proudly belting out the lyrics at the age of three to, “The B-I-B-L-E” for an audience of various family members. The first and most influential musician in my life was my grandpa, Calivin Siegrist. He was a band director for over fifty years, a member of the Green Bay Packer band, and the composer of the Bay Port High School’s song. He taught me how to play trombone and funded majority of my music endeavors. It was no surprise he had all his grand-kids taking piano lessons by the time we hit first grade. I’m having flashbacks now, stuck behind a piano, tears and all because my mom wouldn’t let me get up until I finished practicing. Looking back, I can’t thank her enough because when I decided to pursue music in college, the six years of music theory and piano lessons paid off.  
7:30pm to 9:30pmThat 90's Band
That ’90s Band is Wisconsin’s premier nineties band. From Nirvana to Vanilla Ice, Adam Sandler to Sublime, Grunge to Gansta, Green Day to… well.. you get the idea. We feature the hottest hits of the 90’s in a show that is unlike any other you have seen. TV’s are set up for the audience to play their favorite 90’s video games. The stage is full of 90’s memorabilia like pagers, brick cell phones, tapestries, Crystal Pepsi, VHS tapes, slap bracelets and more. We’re the only band around (that we know of) that actually has live scratching on a Technotronic DJ Rig (A true 90s band must!). Audience members participate by dressing up in their favorite (terrible) 1990’s clothing. Yep, That ’90s Band isn’t just your typical weekend night band, it’s an experience. So buckle up people, we’re going to take you on a journey to the greatest decade of music. The 1990’s.

10:00pm to 11:00pmVic Ferrari Symphony On The Rocks                        

"Symphony on the Rocks" is VIC FERRARI and 26 of the best classical and pop musicians from the Midwest.The huge symphony sound is backed by outstanding audio and video production that will leave the Symphony on the Rocks playing in your mind for weeks after the show. This is the first Symphony in North America to perform with only iPads! You will see all the musicians working together, not hiding behind a conductor or a music stand. Be a part of the show.......A rousing audience is waiting for you, because this show makes you feel alive.
Live it together, LIVE! 
Vic Ferrari's Symphony on the Rocks is a high-powered rock symphony show featuring the biggest hits of classic rock. All your favorite genres and artists are represented; the Beach Boys, Earth, Wind and Fire, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Styx, the Beatles, the Who, Foreigner, Journey and many more.
Since debuting in 2007, Symphony On The Rocks has performed to sold out audiences at the iconic Surf Ball Room in Iowa, Meyer Theatre in Green Bay, and Capital Civic Center in Manitowoc, among many others. This one of a kind extravaganza bring patrons back for another round of music and drinks. The energy in the hall results in dancing and serious fun.